Alien Isolation VR Mod Available Now

Modder Nibre has released his Alien Isolation VR mod after many long hours of getting it to work using the Oculus Rift (Vive compatibility is in the works). It’s very playable right now although does have a few kinks to iron out such as terminals being too close to your eyes and few other bits and bobs. Many VR gamers have been waiting for this since the DK2 got a version working and since SEGA seemingly have no plans to convert the game themselves. Take a look at the gameplay video showing the Alien Isolation VR mod in action. If you’re feeling generous then you can tip Nibre a few $ for his effort over here. After playing and seeing how polished the mod feels it’s certainly worth considering.

You can download the mod here:

If you’re launching the game for the first time or have an old save file, be sure to boot it up in 2D first (by removing the mod file), change an option like screen resolution to 1080p to create the save file before adding the mod file to your Alien Isolation installation folder. If this still does not work, then boot the game in 2D and start a game, make a save at the earliest opportunity then quit. Add the mod file and boot up again.

Written by: Rob Cram

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