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Here is a comprehensive look at Adult VR Games, VR porn games, sexy VR games or whatever else you want to describe them as. Stepping beyond regular VR porn, these games fully immerse the player and with more developers experimenting with the medium it’s getting better. My experiences transcend the barriers of Vive vs Rift and because previously I’ve only sampled a few adult VR demos on the DK 2 there’s some new areas to be explored now that the Oculus Rift CV1 and Vive are available. I’ll start with some adult vr games which are based on the Vive and Rift experience. The point being that there’s quite a bit of content out there for those of you who don’t want to look at the masses of VR Porn sites and want a more engaging experience.

For the record, if you do want to check out VR Porn with a variety of 360/180 degree videos (of varying quality) then check out’s streaming app which is like a VR Porn Youtube application or this directory @ – I’ll update this Adult VR GAMES Directory article when more is discovered and if I’ve missed something worth mentioning then please comment or send me an email.







VRGirlz Lucid Dreams II Demo
Virt-A-Mate 1.7
Mandy’s Room

Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature
Waifu Simulator
VR Model Viewer
Femdomination –
X Moon Productions
Honey Select Unlimited
Playclub – Illusion
Eva Galaxy Evolution
Hot Apartment VR
VR Jenny
CAMASUTRA VR/Casey’s Condo
Sexbot Quality Assurance
Dominatrix Simulator
VR Paradise
Captain Hardcore

Holodexxx VR


DEAD Or Alive Xtreme 3 PSVR
Club VixXxen – Otium VR
Waifu Sex Simulator 2.4
Happy Biting VR
La Douche VR/Villain Simulator
MeakRob47’s SEX GAME
Dorei Nikki 3D
Cat Girl Playroom
Play Home Demo
Virtual Romance Club
Sex & Gun VR
Focus On You
Virtual Mate


Egirl VR
Summer Lesson PSVR
Happy Manager PSVR
Sin VR
VR Kanojo
Project Alisa
Project M
Fallen Doll
Nancy’s Summer VR
Hardcore Pink – Pink Motel
dr-deviant BDSM


Adult Sandbox Alpha
Pornflix and Chill
Gold Club San Francisco VR – VRclubz
VirtuaDolls – Girls of Arcadia
Project 3 VR Games
Naughty VR
Poke Abby
Vカツ / V-Katsu
ItazuraVR – (MischiefVR)
Sex Machines 4.0
Sweet Devil Hunter
Sexy Miss – April 21st 2019
Nympho Creator VR

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VRGirlz Lucid Dreams II Demo:

I sampled the delights of the Lucid Dreams II demo using the Vive which also works natively with the Rift too. This doesn’t have native Vive support so you have to download the latest 0.4 Revive injector , unzip the file in the demo directory (where the game executable is) and then paste the demo launch exe into the injector to run. You’ll also need to have Oculus Home installed and the option to allow third party programs to run ticked in the settings. I had played one of the lucid dreams demos way back on the DK 2 and made an article/video about it –

Once inside you’re treated to some high res full 3D scans of naked women in various poses – there’s a certain artistic merit here. There’s no interaction or movement and they are freeze framed which is a bit spooky. However, using room-scale and a gamepad to move about you can get into some really interesting positions, and I mean really interesting! The direction here is pretty amazing stuff from a technical point of view and obviously from an artistic one as well and begs the question what if you could interact or they actually moved? Surely this is the future of adult entertainment. There are plans to make these models animated in the future which seems like a natural progression.

UPDATE: A recent new demo build is available now which features the same models and poses but this time they are slightly animated with breathing and is now fully Vive supported.

vrgirlz lucid dreams demo

VR Titties:

Moving on, the other experience I tried was with a game that’s been developed for quite some time. I remember playing a demo on the DK 2 some years ago. Well, since then the game has evolved quite a bit and you might have heard of it. VR Titties version.19 which has you interacting with a 3D avatar in a few scenes. This doesn’t natively support the Vive unlike the Rift and requires using the injector method I mentioned earlier. You’ll also need a controller to move about. This is a pretty neat package now where you can customize the look of the male and female model, put on clothes and even add some story role play elements. There’s two fields of view, one where you’re looking from the male POV and the other where you can freely move around – again room-scale is pretty neat here. This is a cool program which is only lacking in more animations, voice acting, better interface and touch/wands interactions. You can support the project which continually gets updated by visiting the creator’s Patreon page.

Update 1: Vive & LEAP support is now available in the latest 19.3 build which adds a whole new level of immersion. Whilst it’s not perfected as you get some unusual distortions when pushing the model too far, it’s certainly a giant leap in the right direction for interaction and needs to be seen to be believed. If the developer can make the models have more mass to prevent player clipping and allow for moving arms, legs and positions then this is shaping up to be pretty amazing.

Update 2: Oculus Touch support added to the latest 2.0 build alongside some other improvements. You can now edit the characters in VR rather than 2D screen and seamlessly move around the scenes at will. If you’re not a fan of Japanese anime style characters then this is a must play now especially as you can create your own stories.


vr titties

Virt-A-Mate from MeshedVR – 1.9 version released

Developer MeshedVR is making some good progress with his Virt-A-Mate experience. You can now download a free demo to try out to get a taste of what to expect. Offer some support on Patreon and you’ll get some extras. As of now this is a fantastic demo showcasing some excellent physics and great character models to move, customize and play with. He’s just released version 1.9 demo which adds more to the package including better optimizations. Those who opt for the highest tier can also create/record their own animations.

Mandy’s Room

A new game that can be played in VR or 2D which offers a voyeuristic experience. This is pretty cool and quite different to a lot of the games featured in this directory. It’s well-acted and draws you into its narrative. There is more to the sexy Mandy than meets the eye which you discover as you continue to view her. Really cool concept so far and if it expands to add more options, then even better. Well worth checking out if you want a more passive hands-free experience.

Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature:

HFT Games just released Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature where the lovable Mr Jenkins returns to mind read Mandy and her new friend. What’s more, Mr J. has a propeller mod added so he can now fly around the scenes for a better look!

Waifu Simulator:

I’ve yet to try Waifu Simulator V.2 but I am liking what I’ve seen thus far in general from the VR Adult Games on offer. We really need a fully fledged game or experience now that has the big budget behind it. I am also sure the Japanese will come up with more interesting content as well.

waifu sim

VR Model Viewer – From Lowrider

Lowrider’s VR Model Viewer is rather cool and comes with two versions, a NSFW VR model viewer which allows you to look at various gaming characters with their clothes on or off (using the Vive or Rift). And another which is safer for anyone with fully clothed characters such as Triss from The Witcher 3, Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and many more. Check it out – What’s interesting about this project which gets updated fairly frequently is how some of the models interact with the viewer so for example, some will turn to look at you as you move around them whilst other’s gaze will also follow where you’re standing. There’s some excellent presence here and quite a few options to tinker with. What’s more, there’s planned interactions using the Vive wands.

vr model viewer

Femdomination –

Click here for review.

Femdomination is looking like an interesting prospect for Vive and Rift owners. There’s even a demo to try out which is promising as it features a chair scene where you’re subjected to binaural beats and other audio cues including ASMR which really puts you inside the experience. Citor3 are looking to go with full photo-realistic motion captured models eventually and have some big aspirations for this product. Check out their web page and grab that demo. You can also support them on Patreon.

EDIT: The game has finally seen a fully fledged release which you can purchase here.


X Moon Productions:

I tried this in 2D and again it has some promise. It’s now Rift CV 1 compatible (or with 3D glasses) although I’ve not tried this in VR. There’s options for interactions with the models and a bit of an RPG element as well with some 5-7 hours of gameplay. Check out the free demo which offers two scenes on their webpage and give it a go.

x moon productions

Honey Select Unlimited

An full English DRM free release of Illusion’s Honey Select game being developed by FAKKU and releasing March 2018. Available now for pre-order and will feature no censors and full English menus alongside VR support. DOWNLOAD 2D DEMO FROM HERE.

Playclub – Illusion:

I had a great sample of Illusion’s Playclub which is probably the most feature complete of all the experiences listed here. There’s also a bit of a story which is a little crazy. It’s a bit fiddly to install but once done it’s pretty cool and works very well with the Vive. You can engage in POV activities or view the models as an observer. There’s quite a lot of customization options as well. Check this link here for full instructions and yes it’s Vive and Rift compatible. Alternate install instructions for Rift & Vive users can be found here. Website link is NSFW though. Also be sure to hunt around for some mods which add a lot more to the core experience such as checking over here.

playclub 1

Eva Galaxy Evolution:

I’ve sampled a demo of this game in the making which seems to be heading off into sci-fi fantasy realms. Quote: Eva Galaxy Evolution XXX is a journey into the unknown with beautiful women
The idea is to create highly responsive adult erotic game with “things” never seen anywhere before.” You can support the project via its Patreon page. The most recent demo I’ve played shows some great animations, lighting and hair physics as your naked male avatar walks around a space ship filled with robots and naked women of various shapes. There’s also some voice recognition software being used which adds another layer to experience. It’s early days for this project but is looking good so far.

eva galaxy evo


Update 2.5 has just released which offers VR support for Oculus Rift and Vive (no motion controls yet). This is an adult social space based around an MMO model. You create a male or female character and then interact with others across the globe which includes some steamy sexual activities in public or private. VR implementation at present is very good in terms of immersion but there needs to be better controller support. It’s also a subscription based service. It would be great if a F2P model or version was offered as well. Still, this is well worth checking out for a more interactive based VR sex experience.


VRLOVE version 0.8.8

VRLove is a game in development for the Rift, Vive and normal 2D on PC that looks to add more social multiplayer elements. They are currently in Alpha stage and have scanned real models to perform in their game which looks like offering customization and much more. You can support the project via Patreon to gain access to the demo. The team has recently updated to Version 0.8.8 which adds a better model scan and a whole host of other features.


Virtually Naked is a realistic model viewer for VR and works with the Rift and Vive. You can grab limbs and move the model around as well as mess with a whole host of customization options including facial animations and various poses. Try the free demo(new 0.7 build just released April 12th 2018) and have some fun with this evolving build which now includes clothing options.

HOT APARTMENT VR from Master Kyodai

Master Kyodai is creating an interesting VR experience with Hot Apartment which has been in development for a while now. The great thing about this particular project is the way he constantly updates the build with excellent posts on his Patreon page detailing the pitfalls and successes. The demo is available to try now and highlights a very nice looking room and the choice to call in a girl and do the business. Check it out from this page here!

VR Jenny (GEAR VR/Cardboard/3D)

Take a look at this Gear VR adult game where Jenny will do as you command with some customization options thrown in for good measure and cool animations which look great in VR. You can download the free demo or purchase the full game HERE.


New experience Together VR is available to purchase via Steam. It has no adult content per se and offers a GFE. However, there is a nude mod available here.



Just launched their Camasutra VR Patreon campaign. 3D scans of real models to be seen in 2D/VR. There is a webdemo you can try via their official website here. The team here now has a new page for Casey’s Condo on Steam coming soon.

Sexbot Quality Assurance

A new game for VR fans which can also be played in 2D available now via Nutaku but will also come to Steam as a censored version.


Lustblast is creating a VR sex doll experience with LUCY VR which has a 2D demo and VR demo to try out. The model isn’t animated just yet but does look very detailed and convincing. Keep an eye on this one.

Dominatrix Simulator

Deviant Dev is creating a new experience with his Dominatrix Simulator which currently offers an alpha demo to try out for Patreon backers. The demo allows you to choose a male or female character (that’s yourself) and then are whisked away to a private chamber where a devilish looking female character has a nice little chat with you. Interestingly, you can nod or shake your head to respond to her questions. It’s a neat demo although only touches on the surface. The Victorian room looks nice with some neat lighting effects as well. Hopefully there will be much more in the near future, so certainly worth keeping an eye on. You can now try the demo via Steam.


Totem Entertainment introduces a cool VR strip club with their just released VR Paradise game which works with Rift, Vive and WMR headsets. The premise is simple. Download the free game to get a teaser then pay a one time price for a lifetime membership. This grants you access to all the ladies and the choice of a topless lap-dance or a full nude private dance. The visuals are excellent with some fine looking character models. Coupled with some awesome dance animations and you have a realistic club experience in VR. Hopefully the devs can add more user interactions and model variety.


A new cyber-themed sci-fi adult VR game in the making from AntiZero, looking promising but needs support to further its goals. A demo releases on August 3rd. We’ve tried it and so far is looking promising. 


There’s one company making something along the lines of fully 3D interactive photo-realistic models with a program called HOLODEXXX where you can interact with the 3D scans for a more personal experience. They just added a new model gallery where you can inspect various models either static or full motion. Looks promising so far.

I’ll quote the FAQ:

Q.How is Holodexxx different from 360 video based experiences?

Holodexxx is an interactive, realtime 3D experience that runs in the Unreal 4 game engine. It is completely immersive, interactive and customizable allowing for a unique experience each time you play! You decide how you want to engage with the avatars!

Sounds promising, but there’s no demo of this working just yet but there is a video which shows off some moments of it working. Recently the team have updated saying the release has been postponed due to the fact the small team are working on multiple projects. The good news is they are extending their goals for Holodexxx which should be better than originally planned. Take a look at their splatter effects video.





HDX Gallery Promo from Mike Wilson on Vimeo.


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