3D Realms Bombshell New Screenshots & Trailer

A new selection of screenshots and a trailer from the forthcoming top down shooter by 3D Realms Bombshell. The game was first conceived way back in 1998 and is all set to release on consoles and PC. Featuring a transformed leading lady the game shows some promise for shooter fans.

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_5

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_6

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_7

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_8

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_1

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_2

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_3

bombshell - BS_Mar_2015_Screenshot_4

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