12 is Better Than 6 Trailer

Ink Stains Games released a 12 is Better Than 6 trailer and have also unleashed their Kickstarter campaign, for the rather cool looking hand drawn wild west themed top-down shooter. Head on over to the campaign page and offer your support as this one definitely needs to become a reality. There’s also a demo you can try to get a real feel for the game by downloading from here. The game is planned for release on PC, Android and Mac in March 2016 but if enough funding is pledged then a PS4 version could be developed.

Key Features:

  • Unique shooting mechanics – you will need to cock the revolver after each shot
  • Challenging difficulty – player’s reflexes and abilities will be tested to the limit. Bullets are deadly, and enemies rarely miss
  • Hand-drawn visuals – drawn by hand on pen and paper, to provide a truly unique visual experience
  • Choose your play style – stealth or all guns blazing, it’s up to you
  • Authenticity – the game is set in real places, complete with sleazy saloons, Native American colonies, and traveling caravans
  • Weaponry – only the greatest weapons of the period are used in game. Winchesters, revolvers, double barreled-shotguns and even Gatling guns

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