The Council – Episode 1 Playthrough

The blurb reads: The Council is an episodic game like no other. Delivering a fresh new take on the Narrative Adventure, your choices and character growth truly matter. Make hard-hitting decisions, but also develop an array of skills to directly impact how the story unfolds. With permanent, long-lasting consequences, there is no going back. Plunge into a tale of intrigue and manipulation in the style of a classic murder mystery, living with a cast of alluring characters each hiding their own dark secrets. Trust no one while uncovering dire truths – no matter the cost to mind and body.

Take a look at the complete The Council – Episode 1 playthrough although this is just one of many possibilities of how events can play out depending on your choices. The game is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for £25 which grants you access to all 5 episodes. However, you will have to wait for the next episode before finding out what happens next. Oh…the drama.

Written by: Robert Cram

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