Oculus Rift S replaces Rift This Spring

Oculus/Facebook just announced the Rift S will replace the Oculus Rift this Spring at the price of $399. Featuring Lenovo design, 80hz display and inside out tracking (no external sensors required). For more details check out the official page and video below. 80hzDigital IPDInside out TrackingLCD2560×1440 res.

HP Reverb VR Headset Announced.

HP announced yesterday a new Windows Mixed Reality VR device with the arrival of the $599 priced (with controllers) HP Reverb VR headset. The good news aside from its reported 114 degree field of view and Rift like design is the impressive 2160 x 2160 per eye resolution. The consumer

Area of Darkness: Sentinel Trailer (VR)

Rematch Studios writes: Area of Darkness: Sentinel is a psychological thriller/adventure game built from the ground up for virtual reality. Meet intriguing characters, uncover a harrowing mystery, and fight to survive. Follow the story of Dr. Anne Evans on her journey from 1978 New York to the timeless Sentinel Islands,

Intruders: Hide and Seek – Announcement Trailer

Daedalic Entertainment released a trailer for Intruders: Hide and Seek which comes to PS4 including PSVR support. The game releases on Feb 13th 2019. In Intruders: Hide and Seek, three mysterious strangers break into a countryside vacation house and retain the Richter family as hostage. With your parents restrained and

HTC VIVE – VIVE Cosmos Trailer

HTC just announced a new standalone VR headset called the Vive Cosmos. Interestingly HTC said its 3D is powered by either mobile or PC via wireless capability. It’s early days and likely to go head-to-head against the upcoming Oculus Quest despite launching later on in the year. No details on