Underworld Ascendant

Underworld Ascendant First Look Teaser Trailer

Discover The Stygian Abyss in this latest Underworld Ascendant trailer which gives fans a deeper look into the game’s deadly environment, featuring panoramic shots of dungeon-esque surroundings and bubbling magma – not to mention varying weapons and skill sets players will have at their disposal to cleverly best lurking creatures

Underworld Ascendant The Dynamic Changing Underworld

OtherSide Entertainment has just posted a new video from their forthcoming Underworld Ascendant (a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld) entitled, ‘The Dynamic Changing Underworld’ which looks closely at how various actions can affect others in the underworld. For more information about the game and its Kickstarter campaign, head on over

Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Video

Take a look at this video in which OtherSide Entertainment’s Paul Neurath, Tim Stellmach and Richard Garriott, talk about the legacy of Ultima Underworld and the next generation of the game, Underworld Ascendant which launched its kickstarter campaign page today and already has reached over $100,000 of its $600K target.