Star Trek Bridge Crew Voice Commands Demo

Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment has just released a rather cool addition to their Star Trek Bridge Crew VR game with the arrival of voice activated commands for the single player game. A lot has been said about the game’s multiplayer but the solo offering is pretty neat as well as you command three AI team mates. Well now the Star Trek Bridge Crew Voice Commands adds a whole new layer to the game (once you get familiar with the commands). Interestingly the commands work very well for the most part but are in no way perfect, with some commands being harder than others. However, the basics are pretty much nailed. The option to use the button controls is still available which means you’ve got a handy refernce for what you can say to your crew. Either way, with a bit of role playing, the voice command feature is most welcome especially if you want to practice before heading online. Check out the video to see it in action.

Written by: Robert Cram

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