Saints Row IV PS4 vs PC Video shows PS4 Visual improvements

Developer Volition/High Voltage has had quite some time to remaster some of the visual effects in its current gen version of Saints Row IV which released on PC in mid 2013 and sees a re-release with the aptly named Saints Row IV Re-Elected. We put the two games together to see the visual differences of which there are a few for those with a keen eye which puts the PS4 version slightly ahead (in some areas) of the now aged PC rendition playing at max settings. Looking at the old versus new and aside from the improved frame rate of the PC version, the PS4 does a grand job in terms of effects, added shadows, longer draw distance and overall better lighting at default settings. Take a look at our Saints Row IV PS4 vs PC Video and judge for yourselves. Naturally, there’s a degradation in quality over the raw file due to the infamous Youtube compression, but the video still shows off the other effects without hindrance.

Written by: Robert Cram

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