Rockstar Games suggest GTA V will sell out on release day

One of the year’s biggest releases is due on the 17th of this month and it seems Rockstar Games are really playing the hype train by suggesting that…shock horror…GTA V will sell out, and if you haven’t pre-ordered might leave you a tad disappointed. Rubbish!

Whilst it’s easy to perhaps question what exactly they mean by “disappointed” – such as having to wait in  the rain to queue up, or avoid being mugged on the way home from a retail store, it’s highly unlikely given the huge presence of the game that come September 17th gamers will have a hard time finding the game on store shelves – and if they do there is always the option to download via the PSN on release day and most likely on Xbox Live too. Either way, thousands will have received the email (sent out today) featuring the image below. As public Enemy once said, “Don’t believe the hype”… or should you?

gta v flyer