Resident Evil 7 Playstation VR Gameplay is This the VR Killer App?

Capcom updated its Playstation 4 Resident Evil 7 demo to version “Midnight” which includes a few more parts to the game not seen before. But the biggest change is finally offering Playstation VR support. Whilst the game does take quite a hit in terms of visual quality in VR (not so much when using the PS4 Pro) the level of immersion far outweighs playing it on a 2D monitor. The atmosphere is exceptionally creepy and you can really garner a sense of scale that you can’t playing via traditional means. Whilst the demo is rather short and can be bested in around 20 minutes it’s one hell of a ride. The caveat is that for those prone to sickness might not gel so well with the turning options but there’s a handy VR tutorial which enables you to set the turning either smoothly or in increments (the default is 30 degrees). Having quite a number of options means players should find a setting which suits. Now take a look at the gameplay video which shows our VR playthrough in action. Whilst you won’t get how it looks in VR you can only really take our word for it that this is potentially the VR killer app people have been waiting for.

Written by: Robert Cram

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