PS4 10x power of PS3 and Xbox to release in June

According to our beloved UK tabloid, The Sun newspaper which constantly sends out mixed messages regarding video games, has today released its speculation and info on the PS4 and next Xbox whilst making some bold claims. Whilst it suggests some of it sources come from the Internet,  it also makes some even bolder claims according to their “sources” and leaks.

In a nutshell The Sun Says to its millions of daily readers:


  • PS4 will be 10x more powerful than PS3
  • Will be unveiled on Feb 20th
  • Will have film quality graphics
  • Named PS4 or Orbis
  • Will feature 8 Computer Chips
  • Will cost £300
  • Ultra HD graphics 4x more detailed than PS3
  • 3D Capability
  • Rumors suggesting new controller with touchscreen display.
  • Backwards compatible games and controllers
  • Ultra HD player
  • New Xbox likely to launch in June 2013

Source: The Sun newspaper Saturday 2nd Edition Page 12. or here.



Written by: Robert Cram

Robert Cram has hundreds of video game reviews and thousands of articles under his belt. He aims to remain objective and fair in his analysis. With years of experience, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement is entirely optional.

  • Dude

    You forgot : a place To insert my penis inside

    • CupidStriker

      And yeah ultra HD definition playback as soon as you insert penis.

  • That kid

    It’s true. My dad works for Nintendo.

  • KellySatinTangas

    “New Xbox likely to launch in June 2013”

    LOL. Because MS would leave 4 and a bit months to advertise the new Xbox XD.

    There’ll be a year + of hype and ads from BOTH SONY and MS before any new console gets released.

    Nothing wrong with this CramGaming post, as you’re just reporting what the Sun has said. This is nothing to do with you guys. But the Sun’s report is laughable at best 🙂

  • dan

    The sun arent exactly known for being amazing journalists in the area of gaming. I highly doubt this is true that list looks like something a 10 year old fanboy would post on a forum.
    They lost me a film quality graphics, the high powered computers they use to render the Pixar movies couldnt run visuals that good in real time never mind actual real movies…also “Ultra HD graphics 4x more detailed than PS3” that says it all about the person who wrote this 4k resolution is not 4 times 1080p

    • Cheebs

      Well, but PS3 games aren’t really truly 1080p a lot of the time, right? xD

      Anyway, yeah, the Sun’s full of it.

      • dan

        yea thats true most ps3 games are just below 720p then get upscaled but there are a few that are 1080p and 1080p is the best the system can do. they would hardly say 4 times better than the worst resolution game on the ps3 it will be 4 times better than the best game in order to make it more impressive.

  • John

    So that’s why Sony suddenly announced a conference about the future of PlayStation.
    Well if it’s true and the next Xbox launches directly after E3, Sony’ll be dead anyway as there will be no stopping Xbox with the larger financial power behind it. Sony’s almost nothing but debt.

  • Lt_dan

    These people obviously aren’t very good with computers. My near $1000 computer can’t deliver film quality animation. There aren’t even games that can do that yet. The article is basically saying we will get everything we want for a low price, zero compromise. I’m sorry but I don’t think the PS4 is going to have the most detailed graphics of anything out there for $500-600.

    • gaminginsider81

      It is not that your rig cannot deliver film quality graphics, it is just you have the right software to release its potential. I have gtx 560tl ultra cards in sli and I can run the nvidia demo with the fairy in the forest at about 40fps. That quality is film quality. Developers are waiting on next Gen so they can develop parallel. We PC owners will have that quality when those games come to next gen systems, but just at higher video resolutions and more AA features quad linear ..etc..

  • Buckdawg

    And this is why The Sun costs 20p…