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Earn with XBLA rewards

Microsoft has announced a new scheme where gamers can now earn XBLA rewards on select arcade games released in the month of April. Gamers who are signed up for the Xbox Live Rewards program can black out three “punchcards” to earn greater VIP rewards. Punchcard One: Play 20 hours of

AMD launches the HD 7790 GPU

Aimed at the budget gamer looking to run the latest games in 1920x1080p, AMD has launched its HD 7790 graphics card which you can view more details of over at the official AMD blog.  Gamers can purchase this sleek new GPU for around £120 but also be aware of many

Bioshock tops the UK charts

As expected, 2K Games’ latest release has topped the UK all formats software sales chart as it knocks last week’s top dog into second place. Interestingly, Tomb Raider is still selling well as it surpasses the Xbox exclusive Gears of War Judgement. CHARTTRACK WEEKLY CHARTS All formats Week ending 30

Bioshock Infinite ending explained

The last half hour of Bioshock Infinite really lays on the drama and for those not really following might come across as somewhat confusing. Well in case you need a bit more of an explanation as to what actually is happening, the guys over at Venturebeat have posted a comprehensive

Ouya launch line up of games

The $99 Ouya is expected to launch to retail in the coming months, what about the games? Well here’s a list of Ouya launch titles for now which should offer something for everyone. Also remembering that every game should at least allow players to demo them first before buying which

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams review

I’ve reviewed a lot of games throughout the years, and while I’ve reviewed some pretty big ones, I think that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams might be the first game I’ve reviewed that I’d call “history making.” Even if you ignore the history behind the franchise, dating as far back as