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Mattrick leaves Microsoft and heads for Zynga

Xbox One front man who you may have seen during E3 most recently, Don Mattrick (Interactive Entertainment Business President) will leave Microsoft and join free to play mobile portal Zynga as CEO. Zynga released an official statement today on this issue welcoming him and his skills, whereas owner Marcus Pincus, Zynga’s

New Games with Gold game available now

As part of Microsoft’s enticement to get people subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, is its Games with Gold program which initially gave players Fable 3 for free which isn’t a bad offering. More games are planned such as Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3, but for now the next game

Rise of the Triad pre-order trailer and bonuses

Take a look at this new trailer for the forthcoming old school style first person shooter, Rise of the Triad which launches on July 31st. Beginning July 1st, pre-order Rise of the Triad and get the Apogee Throwback Pack for FREE, and available for immediate download.  The Apogee Throwback Pack,

More Xbox One exclusives to be announced

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to announce that there are more Xbox One exclusives to be announced this year when directly asked the question from another twitter user. This will be good news for gamers eying up the games available for the system both at launch and in

Dragon’s Profit screenshots

Sony Online Entertainment released some new images from their in beta Dragon’s Profit which is coming to PCs. You can visit the official site for more info on the game, and in the mean time check out the screenshots of the Wintertide Zone. In Dragon’s Prophet players must choose from