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PS4 prototype controllers surface?

Some images have been doing the rounds recently showing of what looks like a prototype version of the next PS4 control pad. Whilst it’s hard to get too excited over a pad, if these are genuine then there’s something interesting to fathom from them. It appears they might have built

Dead Space 3 review

Our favourite tech-guy and Necromorph dismember-er, Isaac Clarke, is dragged back into the fray – rather reluctantly – for his third outing in Dead Space 3. From the off-set it’s immediately clear that the horror of Dead Space that long-time fans have grown to know, love and have sleepless nights

New Dark trailer

Step into the shoes of vampire killer Eric Bane in Kalypso Media’s forthcoming action stealth game for PC and Xbox – “Dark”. Take a look at the trailer which gives a good idea of what to expect. Your kind is still alive, even though they have been long since dead.