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Will you buy an Xbox One at launch?

There’s a lot of negativity towards Microsoft and its newly revealed Xbox One games console/Entertainment system, but aside from all the bad press its receiving there’s bound to be a number of people who will be jumping in without a care in the world. Several publications have conducted polls which

Wargame AirLand Battle Dynamic Campaign video

Focus Interactive released a new video for their Wargame Airland Battle which takes a look at the dynamic campaign and how it works. Narrated by Cédric Le Dressay, CEO of Eugen Systems, this video explains in two minutes all there is to know about the fascinating, dynamic campaign of Wargame

New PS4 advert tells all for UK gamers

A new advertising campaign has emerged today in association with the UEFA Champions league which showcases the PS4 being an official sponsor. The advert appeared in one of the UK’s free newspapers and shows off the PS4 controller. Interestingly it also suggests a release of the PS4 in 2013 which

New Xbox One RARE game could be Time Lord

There’s a bit of speculation surrounding RARE’s new game being developed for the Xbox One, and whilst it’s easy to think of the more well known IPs such as Banjo Kazooie or wishful thinking suggesting a niche fighting game Killer Instinct, what is perhaps clue to the mystery is how