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Anarchy Reigns Douglas trailer

SEGA just posted a new character trailer for their soon to be released fighting game Anarchy Reigns. The trailer showcases the brute force of the character Douglas with his twin attack weapons. Anarchy Reigns releases on consoles and PC from the 8th Jan 2013.

Midway Arcade Origins review

Call it nostalgia. Call it curiosity. Call it respect to what got us where we are today. Call it what you will, but I’m a big fan of these old school collections, offering gamers of today the chance to play the classics of yesteryear. I was swept over with the

Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two review

Epic Mickey 2 comes into the fore after the success of the original and is the series debut on the Xbox 360 platform. It’s a multi format title spanning consoles and handhelds, but within a genre that’s popular and filled with many other great offerings, how well does Mickey and

Zone of the Enders HD review

In what is fast becoming a staple of this HD gaming generation, in and of itself a curious ode to generations past, comes another revamped collection to hit the shelves. This time, Zone of Enders comes along to rekindle fond memories of Kojima’s OTHER series, and presents the first two