Our Team

Current Team members:

Robert Cram – Site Owner/Editor

Robert Cram has been gaming for many years and has 10 years experience working within the games industry.  His motto is “there’s always time to game”.

Wayne Julian – Contributor/Gears of War nutjob

Wayne is an avid gamer with years of experience and a real passion for games of all types. Then there’s Gears! The two are inseparable.

Jared Brickey – Contributor

Jared has been in the business for as many years and offers harsh critique where it’s warranted. With some excellent approaches to reviews,  Jared is perhaps our most controversial and experienced writer.

Andy “Buckdawg” – Contributor

Andy offers well rounded and respected opinion on a wide variety of games, his diversity and passion means he’s got some great experience points from all he has mastered.

Jacob Lyons – Contributor

Jacob offers concise and snappy opinion on games and with his trademark approach means he always tells it like it is, no beating around the bush with this fella.