Moby Dick Studios reference solved – website offline

Other than being one big ruse to blur the lines between what is real and what is speculated, the Swedish based Moby Dick Studios has not been mentioned since the reveal of the new trailer. However, in case there were any doubts, in the gameplay footage linear tutorialĀ  demo where players are tasked with escaping from the hospital, the opening conversation Snake has with the bandaged man provides some clue. When Snake asks what the name of the bandaged man is, there’s hesitation as he admits to watching over him for nine years, then he says. “you can call me Ishmael”. Anyone familiar with the Herman Melville Moby Dick novel will know that Ishmael is the main character in the book. Moby Dick Studios has somewhat watched over the reveal of theĀ  Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain and therefore seemingly ties this loose end up especially as we know the tutorial will feature giant ghostly whales as well. The original Moby Dick Studios weblink is now offline proving that it was simply a catalyst for presenting Metal Gear Solid V.

You can watch the gameplay demo here if you skip to 8:46.

The official Phantom Pain website can be viewed here.



Written by: Robert Cram

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