Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection trailer

Konami released a new trailer for its PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection which is looking like the definitive collection for fans and newcomers to the series in preparation for the forthcoming MGS V The Phantom Pain.


Experience the ultimate thrill as you sneak through enemy territory without being spotted. 25 years ago, the METAL GEAR series introduced the world to the Stealth Action genre, where missions are accomplished by avoiding battle rather than engaging enemies. Now, THE LEGACY COLLECTION lets you relive the history of the METAL GEAR Saga through 8 games by Hideo Kojima, plus digital graphic novels “Bande Desinée 1” and “Bande Desinée 2” by Ashley Wood. Relive the legacy with this definitive collector’s set!

US Official site here.


Written by: Robert Cram

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