Killzone Mercenary screenshots

Guerrilla Games released some screenshots from their PS Vita exclusive Killzone Mercenary which is looking pretty slick for the handheld device.

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_980_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_10

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_979_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_09

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_978_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_08

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_977_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_07

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_976_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_06

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_975_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_05

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-29_998_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_04

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-28_974_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_03

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-29_1000_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_02

killzone mercs_bmUploads_2013-01-29_999_Guerrilla_Killzone Mercenary_01


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  • Wayne Julian

    Looks pretty damn incredible for a portable, just what the Vita needs, as well as a significant pricecrop on the hardware.