Hitman Absolution disguise fix video

Some gamers have called out to IO Interactive in the hope that they will look at tweaking the current disguise system in their recently released Hitman Absolution. Whilst nothing concrete has been divulged thus far, a post on one of the official forums suggests they are at least looking into it. Taking matters into their own hands, so PC modders have made a trainer which allows the Hitman Absolution disguise system to be tweaked. Take a look at the video which shows the mod in action. It’s clear the game’s disguise system is more akin to previous games in the video, yet at the same time highlights how the game becomes much easier as a result due to the design changes of Hitman Absolution over its predecessors. That said, the mod could be a lifesaver for those playing on the Purist difficulty. Let’s hope IO Interactive manage to do something with the system allowing for more creativity when donning disguises which at present aren’t very effective.

Written by: Robert Cram

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