Filthy Lucre Gameplay PC Updated Version Stealth/Action

Take a look at some Filthy Lucre gameplay on the PC combining action and stealth based play as you steal items from a manor house as one of many missions. The game developed by Fabrik released on the Playstation 4 back in September but for the PC version which releases on December 12th there’s a host of additional features added such as being able to hide bodies and better AI. The gameplay video shows some of the free-form action where you can start off with the best intention to be stealthy – although here we’ve opted to take out the guards silently rather than ghost the level. However, when mistakes are made or a guard stumbles into your path, some quick reactions can maintain the stealth cover after a bit of a shoot-out.

What’s neat about the gameplay are the choices available to the player. Play stealth or full assault. Play Ghost style or attack from the shadows. Lure enemies or simply sneak past, but best of all you can retire from the mission early without completing all of the objectives. Best to be able to fight another day than die trying.

Filthy Lucre is a cool game for stealth action gamers and with its London heist “Guy Ritchie” style themes makes for a pleasant sounding game too (and a funny one at that). It has to be noted that the PS4 version will also recieve the updated gameplay features.

About Filthy Lucre:

Filthy Lucre is a tactical stealth HEIST game that gamers can play in single player and co-op, both split screen and online. With 15 missions across 5 locations, there are 30+ upgradable weapons and gadgets to unlock.
Missions can be approached in a variety of ways. Stay low, in cover, silent as the grave with a hand-full of throwing knives, or try planting a remote mine and waiting for the right moment to hit the trigger… just don’t forget to clean up after yourself and move the body before it’s found!

Every session plays out differently based on your actions, once you’ve started to bring the heat, enemies will react and respond with brute force, so make sure you get out before the net closes in.

Work together to accomplish the perfect heist! Players can equip items like the noise maker that can pull guards off their patrol routes to give them an opportunity for a silent takedown. In co-op, a well-timed diversion can allow players to sneak up on an enemy and take them down leaving a friend free to grab the loot.

Set against backdrop of a gritty and crime wracked London, all missions are available at a glorious 60fps, in single player, local co–op and online. Filthy Lucre has full keyboard, mouse & gamepad support, along with comprehensive Steam support including Achievements and Trading Cards.

Stealth game play has been dramatically improved featuring:

o Cover your tracks; bag up and move bodies.
o Noise meter
o Improved AI behaviour
o Improved combat
o Improved security camera visuals and behaviour
o Reordered Weapon & Gear unlock structure
o Improved game camera movement
o Cover alcove indicator

Written by: Robert Cram

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