Filthy Lucre Gameplay – Listen & Learn Mission Stealth

Filthy Lucre from Fabrik is shaping up to be a neat stealth action game when it releases this week on Steam having undergone a few changes since the PS4 version released back in September. To showcase how you can play the game using stealth tactics take a look at the video. In the video it shows an entire mission being completed without being detected by guards or tripping any alarms. However, there’s a free-form element to the game so should the proverbial poop hit the fan then the option is there to let rip with less covert means. Filthy Lucre hits Steam on December 12th 2016 and as mentioned is already available on the PS4 (which will be updated also once the PC version releases). Filthy Lucre is well worth checking out for stealth action gamers and what makes events more interesting is the fact you can gamble what you’ve stolen by continuing to look for more loot or return back to your hideout so you can try again. There’s also some neat upgrade options for weapons and gear which makes a good incentive to bank your rewards more frequently lest you lose everything!

Written by: Robert Cram

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