FIFA 14 Xbox One video Review

We’ve already played the Xbox 360 and PC version of FIFA 14 and scored the game 9/10 in our FIFA 14 video review.  We now turn our attention to the Xbox One version to see how it compares. Take a look at our FIFA 14 Xbox One video review for the full picture.

FIFA 14 Xbox One Review:

Today we’re taking a look at EA’s FIFA 14 on Xbox One as it marks the début of the series on the platform and will no doubt be the first of many to come. Offering slick visuals, improved physics and a wealth of options, FIFA 14 is very much the epitome of football in gaming despite serious competition from that other evolutionary football series.

From the offset, FIFA 14 provides a wealth of options via its main hub where all sorts of modes can be selected. Players have to log in to EA’s servers for this game when connected online, but this is a fairly seamless experience which only needs to slow things down during the first time set up. Once all systems are go, it’s an ease to drop in and out of training, quick match, online play, Ultimate Team and Manager, or player Career modes.  As a game, there’s something here for any football fan, with a number of fully licensed teams to play as across a number of countries.  There’s really no complaints as to what is included in the package. In terms of its interface, it’s pretty much the same as the Xbox 360 counterpart.

So on to the differences, which are instantly noticeable when looking at the game’s graphics. Whilst the Xbox 360 version does a grand job of presenting some great likenesses of the players, the improved clarity on Xbox One makes them much more defined.   The close ups naturally look a lot sharper, and things like cloth movement more noticeable. The grass also looks much better close up which might be minor, but adds to the overall improvement in the game’s visuals.However, it’s not just an overall level of sharpness across the pitch, stadium and players, there’s also better movement of the players as seen in the PC version. Animations are decidedly more realistic looking, and the physics of the players have a lot more weight to them when dribbling with the ball or when challenging. This ultimately makes for a better rendition of the sport and a more engaging game despite the core essence being unchanged.

The biggest question that has to be asked, is whether the upgrade is worth it. Whilst not worlds apart, the Xbox 360 version lags well behind its Xbox One counterpart, so much so that the added nuances the Xbox One version affords are noticeable. So it has to be said, if you’re looking for a more realistic representation of the sport, then the Xbox One version is clearly the game to get or upgrade to especially considering the overall better visual quality when viewing players from afar.

Score 9/10 – Review by Robert Cram

Written by: Robert Cram

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