Destiny 2 4K on PC is Fantastic – Worth Waiting for? (4K Video)

The Destiny 2 private beta on PC launched yesterday and today it’s open season for anyone with a Blizzard account. That’s the easy part. However, having already sampled the delights from the PS4 beta using a PS4 Pro and now its PC counterpart there’s some hard decisions to be made if you’re an owner of multiple systems. Perhaps an easy angle to take is go where your friends are at and where it releases first, but that choice isn’t made easy. Cutting to the chase, Destiny 2 4K on PC with all the graphics effects dialed up to max looks fantastic.

What’s more it runs pretty smoothly too, although our GTX 1080 Ti struggled to maintain a constant 60 frames per second using the Highest preset settings. In fact it was the MSAA which caused the most strain. Swapping it to FXAA meant a far more smooth experience. There’s no denying it looks incredible and even sports HDR which after a bit of fiddling looks grand. The problem here though is the PC version releases on October 24th whereas the PS4 and Xbox One version on September 6th. That’s quite the gap. For dual console/PC owners there’s the option of snagging the console version first then swapping out once the PC version hits but that is quite a hard sell considering how invested you can be after so many weeks.

The bottom line though is how important is 60 frames per second and superior visuals for essentially the same gameplay experience? Most PC gamers will accept better graphics as standard over their console counterparts and will eat up the waiting, but as a dual system owner the PC version is certainly the one to wait for if you have suitable beef to take advantage of its features.

Written by: Robert Cram

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