Xboxart exclusive prints video

Microsoft recently revealed that it had commissioned various artists to create some images from popular games on Xbox, and showcased the fine artworks on its Xboxart webpage.  We got our hands on the actual prints of these quality images as showcased in the video. We’ve got these exclusive Xboxart prints

Titanfall Stryder trailer

EA posted a new Titanfall video which looks at the Stryder class Titan mechanized suit and its features. Titanfall is coming to the Xbox One and PC platforms in 2014 and is shaping up to be a quality multiplayer-centric game.

The Great Next Gen rip-off

With next gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 now becoming current gen, and our favourite Xbox 360 and PS3 being herded into last gen, there are some questionable practices going on which are leaving us a bit miffed. We’re not talking about increasing amounts of DLC being available for games,