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Ride to Hell Retribution might have slipped under the radar for many gamers, but it still hasn’t meant theĀ  game »

This video shows how to kill in Spartacus Legends, the game’s version of a Mortal Kombat fatality. You should also »

Konami released a new trailer for its PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection which is looking like the »

Kadokawa Games released a new Killer is Dead trailer to showcase more of the intensity of the game and its »

Gamers who like a bit of managerial strategy can build empires and rule the roost in the latest Sid Meier’s »

Ubisoft released a new video which takes an introductory look at the classic Spies versus Mercs mode from the previous »

2K Games released a new gameplay trailer for their forthcoming The Bureau XCOM Declassified which shows off how players can »

Gamers can join the Watch Dogs hunt at wearedata.watchdogs.comĀ  or the official site and in the mean time, take a »

For those having issues with connection to Spartacus Legends, here’s a couple of videos from the single player content available »

Naughty Dog’s eagerly awaited viral outbreak game The Last of Us is finally in the hands of gamers, telling the »