Archive for May, 2013

Neocoregames released some screenshots depicting the new DLC for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing which is available now via Steam »

Focus Interactive released some new screenshots from their forthcoming Magrunner Dark Pulse which is coming to consoles and Steam networks. »

Ubisoft released a new series of behind the scenes look videos of the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag which »

Namco Bandai are pleased to announced that their high octane racer is ready and willing as it hits retail stores »

Mirror’s Edge was a cracking game with some stunning visuals but sadly, didn’t sell as well as EA DICE had »

An interesting looking game coming to the PS3 entitled, rain which has players controlling two silhouettes whose journeys intertwine to »

The Rise of the Triad story looks like it has progressed well, as the game is heading to Steam, and »

Tecmo Koei released a new Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate video which shows off the character Ein, and the Virtua »

SEGA revealed its newest and most colorful Sonic the Hedgehog game entitled Sonic Lost World which is heading exclusively to »

Namco Bandai released a fresh new trailer for their Young Justice: Legacy which is based on the popular Cartoon Network »