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Warface Launch trailer

Warface is Crytek’s free to play, CriEngine 3 powered browser based first person shooter  for PC which is available now to download and try out via the official Warface website. Take a look at the trailer, which shows no gameplay, but does set the overall tone of the game.

X Rebirth trailer 2

Egosoft posted a new X Rebirth trailer showing off some of the cool space combat from the forthcoming game which releases on November 15th.  The team are keen to stress that the game is much more than great ship battles as players can trade and build as well. Head on

NBA 2K14 Next-Gen: OMG Trailer

2K Games released a new PS4 NBA 2K14 trailer which shows off the impressive character models detail and animations in the forthcoming basketball game which launches with the PS4 and Xbox One on their respective launches in November. The current gen version for Xbox 360 and PS3 is available now.

The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation video

Bethesda released a new character creation video for their forthcoming The Elder Scrolls Online which is heading to PC platforms. The video highlights the options available to players to enable them to create unique looking characters. Head on over to the official website for more details about the game and

Dark Matter lights up Steam

InterWave Studio’s side scrolling action game Dark Matter is now available to purchase via Steam for an introductory reduced sale price of £10.79. The offer ends on October 24th. Take a look at the trailer and don’t be afraid of the dark. For more info, take a look at the

Nether pre-order deal rides in

Phosphor Games posted a new pre-order trailer for their forthcoming survival MMO Nether.  Gamers who pre-order now will receive a 72 hour friends guest pass as well as some other benefits. Take a look at the Live Action and pre-order trailer and visit the official Nether website for more details.  

F1 2013 video review

Codemasters’ F1 2013 roars into action on multi-formats as the premier F1 game with little competition. With lots of excitement on the track, how well does the video game recreate the drama. Take a look at our F1 2013 video review. F1 2013 review text version: Today we’re taking a