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Hitman Absolution launch trailer

IO Interactive released the official Hitman Absolution launch trailer ahead of the game’s release on November 20th. HITMAN: ABSOLUTION delivers a cinematic experience in a living breathing world, where player choice is paramount. Experience unique disguise gameplay, improvised weapons and a myriad ways to take out a target.

Rabbids Land UK Launch trailer

Ubisoft has unleashed its Rabbids Land UK launch trailer which shows off the Rabbids in all their glory ahead of the game’s release on November 30th on the Wii U. Rabbids decide to take over our beloved amusement park and they plan to make the most of their day out

Dishonored Killer Moves video

Bethesda released a fan compilation video which features some of the more interesting assassinations in their recently released supernatural stealth action game. The Dishonored killer moves video showcases brutal assassinations mixed with the soundtrack ofEddy Charlton (Drunken Whaler Remix). Check it out.

Splinter Cell Blacklist stealth teaser video

Ubisoft are keen to point out that the latest Splinter Cell game won’t be just run and gunning, and should appeal to long term series fans as well. Take a look at this Splinter Cell Blacklist stealth teaser video which briefly shows off Sam creeping in the shadows. Expect more

Rift Storm Legion screenshots

Trion Worlds released a batch of new screenshots for their Rift, featuring the all new expansion, Storm Legion which launched today. In RIFT, players adventure in the world of Telara as either a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant and enter a dynamic fantasy where eight primal forces battle for control