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Dying Light – Lighting trailer

Dying light is a survival game coming to next generation systems and PC platforms from Techland who have previously seen success with their Dead Island series.  This latest video takes a look at the lighting used in the game and how it changes the look of the city. For more

Deadfall Adventures first 8 minutes

Deadfall Adventures releases on November the 15th on PC/Xbox 360 and offers some Indiana Jones style first person adventuring. With a heady mix of puzzles and intense combat with zombies and Nazis, there’s much to do in Deadfall Adventures. Take a look at the first scene setting 8 minutes from

Contrast launch trailer

Focus Home Interactive’s Contrast releases for PC from tomorrow and will also be available for the PS4 on the 29th and PS3 on the 20th. In the mean time, take a look at this shadowy launch trailer to get you into the game’s stylish mood.

X-Rebirth – Enter Space trailer

Deep Silver released a new X-Rebirth trailer to whet the appetite for their massive space based role playing game which releases on PC from November 15th.  The trailer is made entirely from in-game assets, and looks mighty fine to boot.