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Sacred 3 from Deep Silver launches today on Xbox 360, PS3 , PC platforms and to give you a taste »

Bandai Namco Games released a new trailer which looks at the forthcoming Shadow Warrior action first person adventure game which »

Ubisoft released a second behind the scenes trailer for their forthcoming Far Cry 4 which looks at the game in »

Bioware released a new teaser trailer for their mysterious game entitled You’ve Been Chosen which looks all set to get »

EA/Maxis released a new trailer for their forthcoming The Sims 4 which takes a closer look at the all new »

EA released a new trailer which focuses on the combat featured in their forthcoming action role playing game, Dragon Age: »

Activision released a new video which looks at the campaign story trailer in the forthcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.¬†With »

Ubisoft has just released a new Assassin’s Creed Unity CGI trailer which reveals a female assassin called Elise who isn’t »

Mojang’s popular open world sandbox creative game Minecraft is more of an institution than just a simple game and being »

Two games developed by different studios under the same publisher Ubisoft, with both featuring the Windy City of Chicago. Whilst »