Pollen VR Teaser Trailer

Mindfield Games released a new teaser trailer for their forthcoming VR adventure game, Pollen which will release on multiple VR devices which include the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony’s Morpheus. The game can be played with or without the VR display and will release primarily for the Rift in

Street Fighter V Vega Character Reveal Trailer

Capcom revealed a new Street Fighter V character to add to the roster and that’s the jumping Spaniard who is more concerned about his pretty face Vega. He joins a growing list of fighters both old and new in the PS4/PC exclusive game coming later this year. For more details

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Teaser

EA/DICE has just released a teaser gameplay trailer for their forthcoming and eagerly anticipated Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which releases next year on consoles and PC. The game is looking pretty slick and a massive improvement over the original game’s visuals.

Nom Nom Galaxy Launch Trailer

PixelJunk has released its soup filled base-building and tower defense sandbox game Nom Nom Galaxy which is available now via Steam and on the PSN for PS4. To mark the release they unleashed an action packed gameplay trailer which shows off the game’s features. About: In order to fulfill their