Summer of Arcade release details for Xbox 360

Starting on August 7th is this year’s Summer of Arcade for Xbox 360 which sees some cool new downloadable titles being released each week. Take a look at the Summer of Arcade release details and trailer. Schedule and pricing details: Brothers: a Tale of two Sons launches August 7th for

Alien Rage cinematic trailer

Focus Interactive released a new cinematic trailer setting some back story for their forthcoming first person shooter downloadable game Alien Rage which thus far is looking impressive. The game is coming to PC and consoles in the Autumn (Fall).

The Raven screenshots and trailer

Nordic Games released a new commentated (narrated by Marco Rosenberg, Executive Producer at King Art)  trailer and some screenshots from their forthcoming adventure game The Raven. There is currently available a free to play game that describes the back story of the bitter rivalry between The Raven and his pursuer