Sonic Lost World Reveal Trailer

SEGA revealed its newest and most colorful Sonic the Hedgehog game entitled Sonic Lost World which is heading exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS. Take a look at the reveal trailer and some screenshots. Wii U Exclusive Features • Wield the Wii U GamePad to execute exclusive Color Powers

Young Justice: Legacy trailer

Namco Bandai released a fresh new trailer for their Young Justice: Legacy which is based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series and coming to a console near you later this year from September 13th. From the creators of the critically acclaimed Cartoon Network hit series comes Young Justice: Legacy,

Rayman Legends – PS Vita Trailer

Ubisoft has just announced that its madcap platforming adventure game is coming to the PS Vita alongside the console versions from August 30th, and to get gamers into the Rayman spirit released a fun and encapsulating  trailer. Rayman Legends is coming to PS Vita and is packed with features including:

Wargame AirLand Battle Dynamic Campaign video

Focus Interactive released a new video for their Wargame Airland Battle which takes a look at the dynamic campaign and how it works. Narrated by Cédric Le Dressay, CEO of Eugen Systems, this video explains in two minutes all there is to know about the fascinating, dynamic campaign of Wargame

Xbox One according to Microsoft

Everyone has their own opinion of the new Xbox One, but this is how Microsoft are presenting their next generation entertainment system (see what we did there) to the masses of gamers who are already happy with their Xbox 360. It’s a brave new world, but for Xbox 360 gamers