FEAR Online teaser trailer

Aeria Games and Warner Bros. present a new chapter in their FEAR series, with the game now coming to the online only sphere offering more brutal combat for gamers in FEAR Online. Take a look at the teaser trailer.

F1 2013 hot lap Hungaroring circuit video

Namco Bandai released a new video which features an F1 2013 hot lap Hungaroring circuit showing off how well, and realistic the game is looking. Namco also announced today that the game will release on October 4th 2013. About F1 2013: F1 2013 will feature a new gameplay mode called

Shadow of the Eternals gets David Hayter

Precursor Games’ second attempt at KickStarting their sequel to the cult Gamecube classic Eternal Darkness is now live and what’s more they reveal that legendary voice of  David Hayter who plays Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, will be voicing one of the two main characters Paul Becker.

Guncraft heading to Steam

Exato Game Studios has just announced that its voxel based action building game, Guncraft will launch worldwide on Steam from August 9th 2013 for $14.99. Take a look at the trailer and a rather fine pirate bay video. Guncraft will launch on Steam with the following new features: Racing Mode: