Xbox Reviews

Blood Bowl 2 Review

Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life since my knowledge of the Warhammer franchise barely scratches the surface and I’ve only heard of the Blood Bowl series by word of mouth. I expected something like Mutant League Football from the days of Sega Genesis, but after delving into a little of

Penarium Review

When a game has achievements based around the player dying a lot, you know you’re going to be in for an interesting time, and to that end, Penarium is an intriguing game. It bills itself as an arena platformer, which feels like the most accurate way to describe it. It’s

Plague Inc: Evolved Review

Super bugs, the bird flu, small pox, and Ebola all have the potential to wipe out humanity with a few mutations, the right variables and carriers. The premise is enough to give you chills and turn you into a real life prepper. A couple of years ago Ndemic Creations infected

NHL 16 Review

As a teenager in the 90’s one of the games that my brother and I seemed to always play was NHL for the Sega Genesis, we’d have intense games against each other often times erupting into full on fist fights. Coming back to the NHL series since last playing back

Pumped BMX + Review

Based on the Mobile game and developed by Carbon comes Pumped BMX + which is yours for just £7.99 and will test your nerves as you ride through a number of levels pulling off all sorts of tricks and stunts on your BMX bike. The price is low, the challenge

Castle Crashers Remastered Review

The Behemoth released its updated Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One as it comes complete with updated visuals and smooth running 60 frames per second gameplay. The game costs £11.99 on the Xbox One and ultimately means gamers can upload their save data from the Xbox 360 version into this

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Review

We’re back for another Pro Evolution Soccer video game with Konami’s latest release which comes in as naturally being billed as the best yet of the long running series. With its ongoing head to head with EA’s FIFA series once again we’re poised on the precipice of whether it’s worthwhile