Xbox Reviews

Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure Review

Curve Digital released their fast paced action packed 70s inspired dodgeball game entitled, Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure on consoles and PC. Players are offered a free play mode and story to sink their teeth in as they assume the dual roles of Bjorn and Jerome. The game is simple enough,

Dark Souls 3 Review

From Software are back with another action role playing game in Dark Souls 3 which has players adventuring deeper into mysterious lands filled with skeletal zombies and other abominations to give you a fright. It’s a tough game for any newcomers and makes no bones about it, so in light

HITMAN Review – Episode One

IO Interactive launched its eagerly anticipated first episode of its HITMAN game which comes with the three locations to work through and offering missions and contracts to carry out in the sandbox style environments. We’ve already been spoiled with the Beta which offered the first two locations so with those

The Living Dungeon Review

Table top games aren’t readily available across the board for Xbox and with the scarce amount that have made it to the console there is an even more limited amount that have been worth playing with a controller. Radiationburn hopes to change that by combining a dice rolling table top