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Tower Of Guns Review – Free PSN Plus Game

Grip Games releases Tower of Guns on consoles and PC providing a quick fix no nonsense shooting game that begs to be explored as players jump, power up and shoot. With a simplistic premise and an old school vibe is this worth checking out considering it’s free to download for

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China Review

Ubisoft released its downloadable spin-off Assassin’s Creed game for those looking to extend their assassin skills by offering a 2.5D side scrolling action platforming affair complete with all the elements from the main games. However, does the shift in planes work well or is this an unrelated offering with the

Stealth Inc 2 Review

We Stealth Inc 2 from Curve digital enters the fray after the successful first game and makes its appearance on Xbox One, PS4 and eventually The Wii U. The game is a puzzler of sorts with some stealth elements to make the game more sneaky. However, is it worthy of

Slender: The Arrival Console Review

We take a look at the console version of Slender: The Arrival which offers some dark and tense thrills and spills of horror with its moody themes and newly included story. If you’re a fan of horror games and missed out on the original PC release then this might be