Xbox Reviews

Need For Speed 2015 Review

EA’s latest arcade racer, Need for Speed, has hit the road, and I dove in to answer every question you would have about how it performs and plays this time around. From my talks with my crew members wanting to go down in Ventura Bay racing history, to the time

Back To The Future: The Game Review

With October 21st, 2015 already in the past I must admit I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have hover boards and the Cubs still haven’t won the World Series, but luckily Telltale Games has premastered Back to the Future: The Game for release on this generation platforms. Many of

WWE 2K16 Review

Developers Yukes are back again with their latest WWE offering with WWE 2K16 after so many years of being the masters of making wrestling games you would think by now the representations are pure perfection. Well, in a nutshell WWE 2K16 does a lot of things right but it’s a

Halo 5: Guardians Review

It has been 3 years since Halo 4 released on Xbox 360 and although since then we’ve had the rather cool Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians marks the first game in the long running series to appear on Microsoft’s current gen console. With a