PS Reviews

Street Fighter V Laura Trailer

Capcom released a new trailer which this time looks at the Street Fighter V Laura character who is new to the series and comes from Brazil. Her fighting style is a grapple based Jiu Jitsu/capoeira and she looks mighty feisty as you can see in the images.    

NHL 16 Review

As a teenager in the 90’s one of the games that my brother and I seemed to always play was NHL for the Sega Genesis, we’d have intense games against each other often times erupting into full on fist fights. Coming back to the NHL series since last playing back

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Review

We’re back for another Pro Evolution Soccer video game with Konami’s latest release which comes in as naturally being billed as the best yet of the long running series. With its ongoing head to head with EA’s FIFA series once again we’re poised on the precipice of whether it’s worthwhile

Destiny The Taken King Review

One year after the original release of Bungie’s Destiny and gamers can enter a new era with the expansion Destiny The Taken King which comes at a cost of a full priced game and includes the original Destiny, The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions making it the definitive

Mad Max Review

With the summer release of Mad Max Fury Road the anticipation for Avalanche Studios iteration of the Mad Max universe was soaring to new heights. Even though Mad Max isn’t a direct tie in to the movie, you’re playing in the same post apocalyptic environment where you must drive and

Toy Soldiers War Chest Review

I can remember as a kid that my imagination took over when playing with my action figures. It didn’t matter if I had GI Joe, He-man, Transformers, little green army men or some cheap knock off toys I could stage battles of epic proportions that would last hours on end.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Sometimes you miss out on games that were previously released on other consoles or platforms and if they are good enough we’re lucky to get them re-released. That happens to be the case with Starbreeze Studios’ gem from 2013 called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which was released on