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Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

Deep Silver and Polish developers Techland have upped their game with the release of Dead Island Definitive Collection bundle which includes three games, a remastered Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide and a bonus arcade game Dead Island Retro Revenge. You’re able to purchase the games separately for £12 (£4

Overwatch Review

Anyone who was a part of the last console generation might remember the “war” between Infamous and Prototype (or inFamous and [PROTOTYPE] if you’re a stickler for stylized capitalization and pointless punctuation) as both games launched around the same time and were both superpower-fueled sandbox extravaganzas. As I begin to

Homefront The Revolution Review

Deep Silver took over the Homefront IP from THQ when it closed and has breathed life into the sequel of the original 2011 release. Homefront The Revolution releases on consoles and PC and allows gamers the chance to take back America from an invading North Korean force. However, this time

DOOM 2016 Review

id Software brings its DOOM series into the fore with DOOM 2016 which offers no-nonsense fast paced shooting action against hordes of demons. With so many shooters available now on consoles and PC how well does the old school vibe hold up and more importantly is DOOM worth a punt.

Battleborn Review

This is common knowledge, but prior to the release of a game or movie, and especially in the months and weeks leading up to its premier or launch, marketing teams start to really amp up campaigns to make their target demographics aware of the impending release of their product. Despite

SUPERHOT Review Xbox One

Although I’m somewhat prone to hyperbole, I am not exaggerating when I say that coming up with a description for SUPERHOT is one of the harder tasks I’ve undertaken as a writer. It’s definitely a first person shooter of some description, but I almost want to call it a puzzle

Unravel Review

Videogames have evolved beyond conventional entertainment with basic story-lines jam packed with action into something more robust and rounded that one would expect out of a Hollywood blockbuster. While the action remains, few games focus on human emotions that make us human and instead concentrate on revenge & rage. Yes