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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Even as an adult I still hold an affection for everything Lego and how these little building blocks continue to feed the imaginations of people worldwide. When Lego started transitioning their games with licensed properties like Harry Potter and Star Wars, a whole new way to play video games and

Cel Damage HD Review

The videogame industry seems to be following the movie industry where less and less original ideas are being brought to the table and instead relying on remakes or sequels of popular titles. That is not always a bad thing as we’ve seen some great remakes and remastered titles come to

The King Of Fighters XIV Video Review

We take a look at the PS4 exclusive release from SNK with their latest fighting game in the long running series in our The King Of Fighters XIV video review. Today we’re taking a look at SNK’s The King of Fighters 14 which releases exclusively on the PS4 and is

Trials of the Blood Dragon Review

Crossovers have long played a part in video games and have peaked the interest of gamers who may have overlooked a title if their favorite character hadn’t been a part of the supporting cast. Fighting games like Killer Instinct putting the Arbiter as a playable character or Mortal Kombat and

The Assembly Review 4K

UK developer released its first person adventure game The Assembly for the PC as a regular game and offering support for VR platforms such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for a little bit extra. This has caused a bit of controversy but at the end of the day,