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Harmonix Music VR Review

Harmonix Music VR is not a game it has to be stated so there’s no confusion. It’s a piece of VR software for music lovers or those who just want to chill out inside the ambience of the new Playstation VR without the expectation to do anything in particular. Basically

Battlezone Review Playstation VR

Rebellion released their remixed version of the arcade classic for modern audiences with a touch of VR for those who want to really dive in to tank based combat. How well does the game fare though considering this is full priced game in untested waters. Take a look at our

XCOM 2 Review

To this day, XCOM: Enemy Unknown provides a very interesting lesson in marketing and recognizing market demands…for publishers willing to pay attention. Ever since shooters became the safe, go-to-genre of game to publish, many a franchise has been rebooted (often times in a gritty, realistic way) as a first or

Zenith Game Review

Zenith is an action role playing game set against a fantasy sci-fi setting filled with wizards, wizardry and luscious babe side-kicks. You play as Argus Windell, a pretty accomplished wizard (or mage) who gets himself caught up in a lifelong quest to hide a very special scepter from the clutches

Dead Rising HD Review

A brief introduction to Dead Rising sees the main protagonist Frank West, flying in a helicopter over the Willamette Shopping mall which is based on an alternate town in Colorado USA. Frank is a budding freelance journalist who has “covered wars you know” yet in his desire for success and