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Moto GP 2013 review – racing by numbers

Today we take a look at Milestone’s latest two wheeled racing game in the form of the just released for consoles and PC Moto GP 2013. The series is long running, and so after all these years producing bike racers, has Milestone bested their previous efforts. From the offset, Moto

Magrunner review – cool and magnetizing puzzling

Today we’re taking a look at Frogwares’ first person puzzle game Magrunner which sees players take on the role of techno freak Dax as he enters the realm of Magrunners, except things go horribly wrong in training which requires Dax to navigate some treacherous and puzzling rooms. Magrunner’s main puzzle

Metro Last Light review

Metro 2033 was a pretty neat game but riddled with glitches and contained a stealth system that was somewhat broken, until 4A Studios released a patch to fix the issues. The story was interesting based on the novels by Russian Author Dmitry Glukhovsky and telling a tale of a ravaged