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FPS Creator Reloaded looking for support

The Game Creators are looking for consumer funding for their rather cool looking FPS Creator Reloaded project which thus far has raised over $100,000.  The idea is to put easy to use development tools into the hands of game creators to make real games and even possibly sell them. For

Salvation Prophecy video review

Salvation Prophecy is available now via Steam for £14.99 and is developed by small indie studio Firedance Games. The game offers interplanetary space action adventure as several races vie for control of the galaxy which blends on foot shooting action with space travel and aerial combat… oh and there’s a

F1 2013 video review

Codemasters’ F1 2013 roars into action on multi-formats as the premier F1 game with little competition. With lots of excitement on the track, how well does the video game recreate the drama. Take a look at our F1 2013 video review. F1 2013 review text version: Today we’re taking a

Flashback video review

We take a look at Ubisoft’s remake of the 1992 classic game Flashback which is available now on XBLA, PSN and PC platforms. The game isn’t supposed to be a re-write but more the vision the game’s designer had back in the 90s with a lick of current gen paint.