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Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Review

Everyone loves a good B movie that delivers a ton of entertainment despite the lack of budget. Sometimes it is the cheesy charm of the characters, the outrageous plot, or the predictability of what is going to happen next that keeps you watching, even though movie critics around the globe

Saints Row IV review

The original Saints Row may be criticized for launching ahead of GTA IV to capitalize on such anticipation – and it worked, it was a good, enjoyable experience. We’ll leave those comparisons there, as history looks set to repeat itself – only this time – this is a very different

The Bureau XCOM Declassified video review

2K Games’ long awaited and in development, The Bureau XCOM Declassified is finally here, but is this hybrid third person tactical shooter set in the 1960s a worthy title using the well established XCOM name. Take a look at our The Bureau XCOM Declassified video review for the full lowdown on this