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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Review

Remastered games have taken the current generation of consoles by storm by allowing players to revisit those fond memories of yesteryear. Personally, I love it when publishers bring back a blast from the past while adding a fresh coat of paint, but sometimes they were better off as memories. Bethesda

Eagle Flight Review – Playstation VR

Ubisoft released its VR flying game Eagle Flight on the Oculus Rift and now the game has found its way to the Playstation VR. The concept is rather original even if you could replace the birds and animals with fighter jets and people. Ubisoft has gone for a completely organic

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Review

Let’s be clear from the off-set, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is only available via Legacy, Legacy Pro, and Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If you’re gunning for the game as a standalone title then you might have to wait a while until the Infinite Warfare

Alice VR Review

Carbon Studio released its Oculus Rift/PC adventure game Alice VR for the masses and whilst the name suggests it’s a VR only title it can be played on a regular 2D monitor if desired. Normally the recommendation would be to steer towards the VR experience but in this case 2D