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Evolve Review

Evolve is the next big game from the studio that brought us the iconic Left4Dead series, perhaps arguably the best zombie and co-op games series to date. Although it shares a few core similarities, Evolve is an otherwise unique breed all of its own. There really is nothing else quite

Life is Strange Review – Episode One

Square Enix and developer Don’t Nod who you might know from last year’s Remember Me video game step into the episodic world with their latest adventure game, Life is Strange which is available now on consoles and PC. With Telltale Games setting the benchmark for these story based experiences, how

Unmechanical: Extended Review

I’m not sure exactly when my love for puzzle videogames turned into an addiction, but needless to say there have been plenty of reasons over the years to feed that need to solve just one more. With amazing puzzlers like Portal, Braid, Tetris, Lemmings, Shadow of the Colossus, Tetris, Zuma,