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The Turing Test Review

It probably isn’t fair (and it may not even be accurate) to call every first person puzzle game “Portal-like,” but given the popularity of Valve’s puzzle series, which like all of its others is stalled at 2, I wouldn’t call the comparison a stigma that developers should avoid. Indeed, being

XCOM 2 Review

To this day, XCOM: Enemy Unknown provides a very interesting lesson in marketing and recognizing market demands…for publishers willing to pay attention. Ever since shooters became the safe, go-to-genre of game to publish, many a franchise has been rebooted (often times in a gritty, realistic way) as a first or

Forza Horizon 3 Review

Playground Games returns with their latest Forza Horizon game making it game number three in the open world series. What started as an excellent game on Xbox 360 to compliment the more sim like approach Forza had established, the Horizon games have cemented themselves as the go to driving experience

VR Cover Review – Vive, Rift & Gear VR Covers provides some neat covers for your VR headset whether that’s the Gear VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The covers come in two forms, a soft fabric and a waterproof material which can be wiped with an anti-bacterial wipe between uses. also provides additional padding which comes in