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We take a look at Lionhead’s remastering of Xbox Fable which launched some ten years ago in 2004 and has »

Dead Rising 3 from Capcom is poised and ready to pounce on Xbox One gamers when the console launches in »

We got some hands on time with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 4 at a exclusive Ubisoft event in London recently and »’s already popular PC MMO was announced as a free game to play on the  Xbox 360 during E3.   I »

We’ve been having a blast with Ubisoft’s soon to be released Splinter Cell Blacklist, and posted some Splinter Cell Blacklist »

We’ve already looked at the Ghost style of play of Splinter Cell Blacklist, now a focus on the Panther style. »

Today we’re continuing our look at the Splinter Cell Blacklist Gameplay focusing this time on the level design. Text Version: »

Today we’re taking a closer look at Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Blacklist in our series of preview videos. We’ve looked at »

Hi I’m Rob Cram and today we’re taking a look at Splinter Cell Blacklist in our series of preview videos »

We’re continuing our pre-release look at the gameplay in Splinter Cell Blacklist. This time we’re focusing on the Ghost gameplay »