Xbox Previews

We Happy Few Gameplay Preview Video

Compulsion Games released its crazy survival first person adventure game, We Happy Few via Steam Early Access and Xbox One preview program after being showcased from an early Kickstarter campaign way back when. After months of hard work there’s a playable experience here set within an alternate 1960s war torn

DOOM 2016 Beta Gameplay

Bethesda released their latest DOOM 2016 closed Beta which allows you to partake in some fast paced multiplayer matches. We put the game to the test which you can see in our video which shows off two Team Deathmatches as well as a look at the customization of the character’s

Boob Defense Force – Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

This week the Boob Defense Force video series from MGNoxa takes a look at the indie action hack and slasher Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae from developer Zenith Blue which has been available on PC via Steam (£6.99) for quite some time but makes its way to the Xbox One and PS4.

Hitman 2016 Gameplay – Agent 47 Is Back

IO Interactive released their Hitman 2016 Beta ahead of the game’s March 11th release. Gamers who pre-order the PS4 digital version will be able to gain access to the Beta as of now whereas PC gamers will have to wait until the 19th. The Beta contains a bit of story