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DOOM 2016 Beta Gameplay

Bethesda released their latest DOOM 2016 closed Beta which allows you to partake in some fast paced multiplayer matches. We put the game to the test which you can see in our video which shows off two Team Deathmatches as well as a look at the customization of the character’s

Boob Defense Force – Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

This week the Boob Defense Force video series from MGNoxa takes a look at the indie action hack and slasher Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae from developer Zenith Blue which has been available on PC via Steam (£6.99) for quite some time but makes its way to the Xbox One and PS4.

Firewatch Opening Gameplay

Firewatch from Campo Santo is a narrative driven first person adventure game that thrusts you into the Wyoming wilderness to do battle with the elements and personal tragedies. It’s a colourful game filled with an impressive system of dialogue between the lead character and voice via a radio. Whilst it’s