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Loading Human Gameplay Playstation VR With Move

Loading Human is an interesting adventure game released for the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all at the same time. Whilst the Rift still awaits its Touch support, the Vive and Playstation VR can get to grips (pun intended) with motion controls which actually work very well using

SMASH+GRAB Gameplay 4K

SMASH+GRAB is an underground competition on PC, where gangs of the future battle it out for loot, weapons, and infamy inside a corporate urban dystopia. Assemble your crew and team up with other players to fight, loot, and craft your weaponry to come out on top. The idea in this

Beholder Gameplay Demo

Warm Lamp Games released their Beholder demo on Steam which allows you to get a taste of this rather neat looking spy style game. We captured some Beholder Gameplay for your viewing pleasure – remembering the game is currently in beta form. The full game aims to release later this

Syndrome Game Play 4K – PS4/ Xbox/PC

A look at the first person space horror adventure Syndrome game on PC which launches today. Syndrome, a sci-fi survival horror game that places you in a living hell inside a doomed starship. Find out what happened to your lost crew. Run. Hide. Fight. Survive. Take a look at the

Aragami Gameplay 4K (PC/PS4)

The stealth action game Aragami is available now on consoles and PC for under £20, take a look at some gameplay from the opening missions to get a flavour of what to expect. Take a look at the Steam store page for more details. Aragami is a third person stealth