Fantasy Strike 4K Gameplay

Take a look at some Fantasy Strike 4K Gameplay from the PC pre-alpha build captured from the open weekender which ends tomorrow. You might just be able to catch the last moments of it. For more details check the official blog here. Fantasy Strike is planned for PC, Mac and

Beat The Game 4K Gameplay

Take a look at some Beat The Game gameplay from developers Worm. This is an interesting looking adventure game where you collect sounds and then mix them together to create a unique gaming soundtrack. Coming to Steam in 2017. Beat the Game offers a neat take on exploration and music

PAMELA Gameplay Preview

P.A.M.E.L.A. or PAMELA is a rather lovely looking open world first person survival adventure game from NVYVE Studios. It’s available now on PC as an Early Access title via Steam and shows lots of promise. The developers are constantly updating the game adding improvements and new features. You’re tasked with

Star Trek Bridge Crew Voice Commands Demo

Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment has just released a rather cool addition to their Star Trek Bridge Crew VR game with the arrival of voice activated commands for the single player game. A lot has been said about the game’s multiplayer but the solo offering is pretty neat as well as you