La Douche VR Preview (Safe)

ZnelArts has been working on his VR experience, La Douche VR (which translates to “The Shower”) for a while now and it’s coming along nicely as a viewer where you act as a ghost watching women and men dance and take showers. It’s an experience which can be viewed in

Little Nightmares 4K Gameplay PC

Little Nightmares just released and features a combination of puzzle solving, stealth and platforming. However, it’s the incredible lighting effects and dark themes which give the game it nightmarish flavour. Take a look at the Little Nightmares 4K gameplay video showing the game on PC using maximum settings.

Beat Cop Gameplay

Take a quick look at the point and click time cum management game Beat Cop which releases on PC from March 30th from Pixel Crow. Cruise the streets, issue tickets and accept or deny bribes from the mob in 80s Brooklyn NYC. Check out the game via Steam which is