Raw Data VR – The Best VR Game So Far

It has been a tentative time for VR games thus far what with a major lack of commitment from the major publishers – who are sitting on more cash than you can imagine – only tip-toeing into the medium. Then you have a slew of indie developers leading the way

The Nest Gameplay Preview VR Sniping

The Nest is an Early Access game with some potential as it pits you versus some wandering robots in a sniper’s nest set within a sci-fi setting. You simply aim and shoot with an onus on accuracy and not getting hit. It’s quite a simple game at present but with

DOOM 2016 Beta Gameplay

Bethesda released their latest DOOM 2016 closed Beta which allows you to partake in some fast paced multiplayer matches. We put the game to the test which you can see in our video which shows off two Team Deathmatches as well as a look at the customization of the character’s