FOX Engine Bento took little time

Hideo Kojima posted that the recently released image of Big Boss holding the 25th Anniversary bento took very little time to produce using the FOX engine. For the FOX Engine Bento, the image was placed over the normal map in around 2 hours. He joked that perhaps he’d use the

Hideo Kojima hints at new trailer cutting soon

According to Hideo Kojima’s twitter feed, he’s currently at work editing a trailer (Japanese text roughly translates to – “In these busy times, I was editing the trailer”) and has posted a picture which shows his set up and monitors which read “Cutting Soon”. It’s possibly a play on the words

Resident Evil 6 new content available today

Resident Evil 6 gets a deluge of new content today including a title update that is free of charge and offers a new camera angle, difficulty and co-op for the Ada Wong campaign. Gamers can also spend their MSP on Xbox Live on some time exclusive multiplayer modes such as