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Izle launching on consoles and PC next year

Developer Area Effect has just announced that its forthcoming sandbox action adventure role playing game ‘Izle’ for consoles and PC will launch at some point in 2016. A kickstarter campaign is also planned for early Spring, but what’s exciting for gamers is the chance to jump in to an upcoming

Xbox On Windows 10 Trailer

Microsoft has announced during its Windows 10 briefing that users will be able to stream Xbox One content to any Windows 10 enabled device much like Sony’s shareplay. This means gamers can stay connected to their Xbox One library at any time within the home. Take a look at the

Fable Legends Cross Play coming to Xbox One and PC

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios has just announced that its forthcoming action adventure multiplayer RPG Fable Legends will not only be coming to the Xbox One, but also PC. What’s more, gamers from both platforms will be able to play with each other in co-op or competitively. You can take a

Microsoft reveals its AR based HoloLens (video)

During the Microsoft Windows 10 briefing today, the company revealed its HoloLens which will work in tandem with the forthcoming Windows 10 OS as well as Xbox One. Unlike normal VR units being heralded by Oculus, the HoloLens head mounted display allows users to experience Augmented Reality (AR) which combines

The Long Dark nets 250K sales according to Infographic

Hinterland Games released a new infographic depicting various feats of braveness among other stats for its wintry survival experience game, The Long Dark which is available now for $19.99/£14.99 via Steam and is being updated frequently with new features and tweaks – the latest adding a much larger play area

Dying Light Paint the Zombie Trailer & 3D Model

Techland are ramping up the visibility of their forthcoming parkour themed survival game, Dying Light which releases in a couple of weeks time on consoles and PC. Today they have unleashed a paint the zombie trailer which shows a 3D printed zombie being created and then painted, an updated interactive