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Microsoft purchases Minecraft developer

Microsoft has today announced after much speculation that it has purchased Swedish developer Mojang and their popular open world adventure game Minecraft. The game has seen 100 million downloads since it launched in 2009 and appears on multiple platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. What this means

Watch_Dogs Wii U version dated

Ubisoft has today announced and dated the Wii U version of its successful action packed open world shooter, Watch_Dogs. The game will make use of the the Wii U Gamepad allowing gamers to use it as a persistent map or to play the game using Off-TV Play. Watch_Dogs Wii U

FIFA 15 demo available now

EA has today released a demo for its eagerly anticipated FIFA 15 which can be downloaded on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC (via Origin) ahead of the game’s release next month. To accompany the demo, EA also released a goal celebrations tutorial video to spice up your

Destiny scores $500 Million in one day

Activision has today announced that its flagship new IP Destiny from Bungie has gained revenue for the company in excess of $500 million in its opening 24 hours. How many of these sales translates to actual sold through to customer is unclear, but it’s obviously a huge number. The game’s