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Dying Light Developer Tools Are now Live

Techland has today announced that its zombie survival game Dying Light has just received some developer tools enabling users the chance to create their own quarantine zones, custom maps and stories. User creations can then be shared to the wider community via Steam. Techland are planning to keep updating the

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Revealed

Square Enix are poised to officially announce a new game in the highly regarded Deus Ex series with a new game coming to consoles and PC entitled Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which once again features lead protagonist Adam Jensen who starred in the last game Human Revolution. The details have

Izle Kickstarter Alpha Trailer

Ynnis Interactive posted a new Izle Kickstarter gameplay trailer which shows off some of the neat looking visuals from their forthcoming terraforming action adventure role playing game. The team are looking to raise $90K from their Kickstarter project and thus far have reached almost 10 per cent of that figure,