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Saints Row Gat out of Hell expansion coming

Deep Silver will be releasing another expansion for its Saints Row series which sees the return of character Johnny Gat, but with a devilish twist as the saints hit the underworld. Entitled Saints Row Gat out of Hell, the game is coming to last gen and current gen systems on

New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL images

Take a look at some images from the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL versions which adds some button colours, small analogue stick shifted Micro SD port and some other revisions (aside from being slimmer and taller). The new version aims to ship from October 11th in Japan, at a

Project Cars Steering Wheel details

Slightly Mad Studios has released some details of a steering wheel and pedals combo which their forthcoming Project Cars will fully support. What’s more, the game will have VR, 4K & 12K compatibility which as you can probably imagine, coupled with the steering wheel makes for the ultimate simulated driving

Assassin’s Creed Unity gets new release date

Ubisoft has just announced that it’s forthcoming and eagerly anticipated Assassin’s Creed Unity ¬†for Xbox One, PS4 and PC will now release later than planned to ensure the game is the most polished it can be for eager gamers. The new dates are November 11th in North America, and the