Xbox One Game Sharing feature is still coming

The next-gen console war isn’t just about hardware specs, but the bigger, long-term value proposition that consumers get for their money. GamesCom has been a big week for Microsoft, as they attempted to add a greater value proposition for UK/EU consumers by way of including EA’s FIFA 14 with all

How Microsoft can edge ahead of Sony with Xbox One

Microsoft handled E3 with some excellent looking possibilities for the Xbox One, but these became overshadowed by the console’s industry changing features which have since been revoked much to the dismay of some and a victory for others. However, sticking with their original vision, Microsoft could have won over the

Does the $100 PS4 price difference really matter

Having readdressed the balance with its momentous u-turn on DRM and Internet check ins, Microsoft still has the prospect of the $100 difference in pricing which at this time makes the PS4 seem like the more attractive console to purchase if you’re torn between the two. However, it’s not as

Some neat possibilities for the Xbox One

The Xbox One might seem like presenting too many infringements on gamer freedoms and costing more than its competitor, but if you look beyond these pressing niggles for Microsoft, the console itself is offering some potentially cool stuff to those who aren’t concerned with the always connected to Internet and

The Best games of E3 2013 – video

E3 is one of the biggest showcases of video games each year, and the 2013 event was no exception as Microsoft and Sony showed off their wares for Xbox and Playstation consoles. It was all about the games as there’s some real gems on the horizon no matter what team