Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Gameplay 4K

Level 5’s action role playing game Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom releases today on PS4 and PC. Take a look at some 4K gameplay showing off what you can expect from the adventure game which features combat, exploration, base building and even an RTS style skirmish battle mode.

The Council – Episode 1 Playthrough

The blurb reads: The Council is an episodic game like no other. Delivering a fresh new take on the Narrative Adventure, your choices and character growth truly matter. Make hard-hitting decisions, but also develop an array of skills to directly impact how the story unfolds. With permanent, long-lasting consequences, there

Deep Rock Galactic Gameplay Solo & CO-OP 4K

Here’s a look at the early access Deep Rock Galactic gameplay on PC where you play as a team of mining dwarves looking for loot on procedural generated fully destructible worlds from developers Ghost Ship Games. The first video showcases solo play but the game is best played four player

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet PC Gameplay

Here’s a look at the opening of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet on the PC. Experience an original story where you are the protagonist in the world of Gun Gale Online. Create your own avatar and explore devastated lands while experiencing exciting third person shooting in this action RPG. Out